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Love the show, want to know where a scene is shot
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Danny needs a partner who can act.

Why is it that the only actress who has played one of Danny's partners AND is a poor actress is the one who wound up being on the show for the lo...
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season 9 theroys

I think that late in season 9 Danny and Baez will investigate a case involving the deaths of his partner but while Baez is on a walk Danny discovers B...
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I think that baez and Danny will start dating it not then baez will di

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Season 9 Episode 1

This discussion thread is for our theories and desires for Season 9 Episode 1.

What do you expect to see? What do you want to see? Do you think the wri...
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Well, it's getting to be time....

Well, it's getting to be time...i.e. to bring forth that Abigail (Baker)'s husband died while serving his country via National Guard in the ...
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I love Frank. He’s got a good solid head on his shoulders.
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garrett in trouble?

It looks like garrett is going to get a talking-to for not properly vetting Nicky's friend who throws a blook-like mixture on an NYPD flad
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General Wiki Feedback

Have a question, comment, or suggestion about the theme, layout, style, ect. of the wiki, please leave it here! I'm working off of the opinions o...
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Poll Suggestions

Here is a place to suggest polls for the homepage. The hope is that the poll can be changed weekly to bi-weekly, depending on the number of ideas gath...
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Welcome to the discussion board for Blue Bloods! This is a thread to introduce yourselves and get to know other fans.

I'm the admin of the Blue Bl...
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