"Black and Blue" is the sixth episode of the second season of Blue Bloods. In this episode, Frank deals with a political crisis after Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli enter a black religious center in response to a 911 call and are injured by the church's security team who prohibits them from entering. Frank and Danny must prevent a race riot by a charismatic black community leader, Reverend Darnell Potter.





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  • Tony Terraciano as Jack Reagan
  • Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan
  • Abigail Hawk as Abigail Baker
  • Luke Forbes as Jefferson
  • Tobias Truvillion as Otto
  • Danny Johnson as ESU Captain
  • Ananias Dixon as Wendall
  • Kevin Chew as Uniformed Cop
  • Raquel Almazan as Female Paramedic
  • Grim Reaper Q as Nathan Earring Bradley
  • Dimitri Meskouris as Henry Hartens
  • Clinton Lowe as Omar
  • Gameela Wright as TV Reporter
  • Blanchard Ryan as Female Reporter
  • Rob Morgan as Guy in Crowd
  • Jason Griffith as Suit
  • Simon Maclean as Attorney Maxwell
  • Ohene Cornelius as Black Man
  • Brian Fuqua as Reporter #2
  • Brigitte Viellieu-Davis as Reporter #1


Facts and Trivia

  • Paramedic is misspelled in the credits as parametic