Carter Poole
Name: Carter Poole
Title: Mayor (former)
Profession: Politician
Status: Alive
Played by: David Ramsey
First appearance: Mercy
Latest appearance: The Thin Blue Line
Appearance Count: 20

Carter Poole was elected Mayor at the start of Season Two and he has a daughter, Ariel. While he deeply respects Frank, partly due to actions that impacted Carter when he was younger, the two often disagree over matters of procedure and public knowledge. He often uses the fact that he is a black man from the projects to fish for support although it is not always successful.



Shortly after he was elected, Carter Poole told Frank a story of how a cop had influenced his life by opening up the local youth rec. center on weekends for them and thanking Frank for doing that. He indicated that it was the first time in his life that he saw a white, Irish cop as the good guy.


Elected Mayor in 2011, he kept the position until his resignation in 2017.