Erin Reagan
Name: Erin Reagan-Boyle (married name)
"Mom" (Nicky)
Erin Boyle
Title: Assistant District Attorney (Bureau Chief - Later Episodes)
Profession: Lawyer
Parents: Frank Reagan (father)
Mary Reagan (mother, deceased)
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Jack Boyle
Sibling(s): Danny Reagan (older brother)
Joe Reagan (younger deceased brother)
Jamie Reagan (younger brother)
Children: Nicky Reagan-Boyle
Grandparents: Henry Reagan (grandfather)
Other Relatives: Jack Reagan (nephew via Danny)
Sean Reagan (nephew via Danny)
Played by: Bridget Moynahan
First appearance: Pilot

Erin Reagan is the Assistant District Attorney (later becomes Deputy Bureau Chief) and only daughter of Frank Reagan. Her brothers are Danny, Joe (deceased) and Jamie. She is the second child, after Danny. She was first in her class at Columbia Law School. Danny and Erin have the tendency to get into debates about the law and doing what's morally right, but even though they have heated Sunday dinner disagreements they have love and respect for each other. 

Season 1 Edit

During Season 1 Erin Reagan is going through a divorce with her then husband Jack Boyle.

Season 3 Edit

As Of Episode 3 Old Wounds She Is No Longer Erin Reagan-Boyle She Is Just Erin Reagan As The Janitor At Her Office Was Removing Boyle From Her Door

Season 4Edit

Erin is shot in the shoulder during a courtroom dispute after attempting to calm down the perpetrator, who is armed and dangerous.

Season 5Edit

Erin is offered a job as a lawyer for a private firm, but ultimately refuses. Later Erin gets followed and gets her apartment broken into, and her brother Danny helps catch the guy, and at end knees the guy in the back and says "That's for messin' with my sister!"


Erin got married in Morgan Hall, and says it was bad luck (1x03)

She went to Columbia University.

She ran away to her grandparent's house when she was a teenager for two days after a fight with her mother before coming home. Her mother didn't let her father go get her. (1x02)

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