"Forgive and Forget" is the second episode of the fifth season of Blue Bloods. In this episode, Jamie puts himself on the line for a fellow officer who's being ostracized while Danny and Erin butt heads when an old case takes a new turn. 


Officer Kara Walsh returns to the 12th precinct and finds herself receiving the cold shoulder from everyone due to the fact that she previously testified against her partner. Eddie agrees with the actions of her fellow officers, but Jamie disagrees and is temporarily assigned as her partner. Meanwhile, Danny is asked by a grieving family to reopen their daughter's case from eight years prior due to the bullet from then being the delayed cause of her death. When Erin meets with the man who was convicted of the shooting as a juvenile, she hesitates to prosecute because he has managed to turn his life around. Frank suspects there may be a cover-up when he gets word of an old friend accidentally shooting his partner, yet no breathalyzer was administered.



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Special Appearance

  • Boomer Esiason


  • Bernardo Cubria as Uniform
  • Julia Tokarz as Waitress
  • Jake Eavey as Perp #2
  • Frank Alfano Jr. as Perp #3
  • Nick Giangiulio as Sergeant


Facts and Trivia

  • The DVD contains a deleted scene for this episode.