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"Growing Boys" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


Jamie takes part in a mentoring program for first time offenders and is working with a young man, Thomás, from the Bitterman Projects. When two gang members pursue Thomás, Jamie chases them resulting in one of the gang members being struck by a car and paralyzed resulting in a civil suit against Jamie and the NYPD for negligence. The gang pressures Thomás to forget that he heard Jamie identify himself as a police officer during the pursuit. Meanwhile, Danny gets a call from an old high school girlfriend, Marianne, who claims that her fiancé hit her but she refuses to press charges. When Danny looks into the fiancé, an ex-NFL player turned personal trainer, he discovers that there is an open investigation into him for dealing steroids. Baez goes in undercover at the gym while Marianne’s constant demands for Danny’s attention cause tension with Linda.



Guest Starring

  • Luke Guldan as Ralphie Vitale
  • Jeff Lima as Thomás Lugo
  • Charisma Carpenter as Marianne Romano
  • Stink Fisher as Joe Frye
  • Michael Pemberton as Sgt. Clancy
  • Shirley Roeca as Aunt Marisol
  • Andrew Kober as Joey Marsh


  • Ronny Mercedes as Johnny
  • Michael Lopez as Ricky
  • Roy Jackson as Detective Tiny
  • Kevin Yamada as Warehouse Detective
  • Cliff Moylan as Uniform



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