Jack Reagan is the oldest son of Danny and Linda Reagan.


Born in 2000[1][2][3]. Jack and his younger brother, Sean Reagan, both play a variety of sports including lacrosse, football and soccer. He attends private Catholic school with his brother. Both have also learned some self-defense from their father.

After witnessing a shooting, Jack became upset and came home from school early, something he never does. In an attempt to help him, Danny gave him a basic gun safety course.

Jack has failed one class, Algebra, and was recommended summer school or tutors. He skipped school on one occasion to go to a party where he was drinking even though he is underage. Linda found a video made of him at that party on his phone and told Danny who took his phone away, lecturing him about stupid choices.

He has a crush on a girl named Charlotte who he took on a date to an ice skating rink.



Involved Shootings


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Notes & Trivia

  • The actor that plays his brother Sean in the show, is also his brother in real life.


  1. Season1, episode 5 (aired October 22, 2010) it is Jack's birthday.
  2. Season 1, episode 6 (aired October 29, 2010) Jack states, when asked, that he is 10.
  3. Season 4, episode 4 (aired October 18, 2013), Danny states that Jack will be turning 13 that year