Jackie Curatola
Name: Jacklyn Curatola
Nickname: Jackie
Profession: Detective
Partner(s): Danny Reagan (former)
Status: Alive
Marital Status: Divorced
Other Relatives: Andrea (cousin, photo only)
Played by: Jennifer Esposito
First appearance: Officer Down
Latest appearance: Nightmares

Jackie Curatola is the third partner to Danny Reagan, assigned to the 54th Precinct of the NYPD.


Jackie is divorced and has regularly been the recipient of passes or ogling from both her uniformed colleagues and perps alike, much to her annoyance. 

In "Nightmares" Jackie went on a leave of absence, citing the fact that she realized while on vacation that she was no longer capable of taking a vacation and getting her mind off of work. Since she had no "good people" to surround herself with she needed to go find hers.