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Jamie Reagan
Character jamiereagan(1)103
Name: Jamison "Jamie" Reagan
Alias: Jimmy Riordan (undercover name)
Title: Rookie Officer
Profession: New York Police Officer
Status: Alive
Parents: Frank Reagan (father)
Mary Reagan (mother, deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Significant Other(s): Sydney Davenport (formerly engaged)
Sibling(s): Erin Reagan
Joe Reagan (deceased)
Danny Reagan
Grandparents: Henry Reagan (paternal grandfather)
Betty (paternal grandmother, deceased)
Other Relatives: Nicky Reagan-Boyle (niece via Erin)
Jack Reagan (nephew via Danny)
Sean Reagan(nephew via Danny)
Played by: Will Estes
First appearance: Pilot (1x01)

Jamison "Jamie" Reagan is the youngest child to Frank Reagan. He is stationed at the 12th Precinct. He loves hot dogs and attacking them


He went to Harvard Law School but ended up following the other male members of his family becoming a police officer. He was previously engaged to Sydney Davenport.

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