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Jamie Reagan
Character jamiereagan(1)103
Name: Jamison "Jamie" Reagan
Nickname: Mr. Ivy League, Counselor - Renzulli
Harvard - Danny & various
Rookie Reagan - various

Kid Brother - Danny

Alias: Jimmy Riordan (undercover)
Title: Rookie Officer (S1- 4)
Officer (4-present)
Profession: New York City Police Officer
Partner(s): Sgt. Anthony Renzulli (S1 - 2)
Officer Vincent Cruz (S 3)
Officer Edie Janko (S 4 - 5- Present)
Status: Alive
Parents: Frank Reagan (father)
Mary Reagan (mother, deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Significant Other(s): Edit Jenko (Crush)
Dana (Friends with benefits)
Sydney Davenport (ex-fiancée)
Sibling(s): Danny Reagan (older brother)
Erin Reagan (older sister)
Joe Reagan (older deceased brother)
Grandparents: Henry Reagan (paternal grandfather)
Betty (paternal grandmother, deceased)
Cousins: Unnamed Sergeant in Central Park (1x04)
Other Relatives: Nicky Reagan-Boyle (niece via Erin)
Jack Reagan (nephew via Danny)
Sean Reagan (nephew via Danny)
Played by: Will Estes
First appearance: Pilot (1x01)
Appearance Count: 96+

Jamison "Jamie" Reagan is the youngest child of Frank Reagan. He is stationed at the 12th Precinct.


He went to Harvard Law School but ended up following the other male members of his family becoming a police officer. He was previously engaged to Sydney Davenport before their breakup due to the job. He and Danny are not as close as he was to Joe.

Season 1Edit

Jamie isn't liked by his future mother in laws. (1x01) While looking through a box of Joe's old stuff, he finds his IPod. Listening to It he hears a recording of Joe talking about the Blue Templar (1x07). Jamie decides to Investigate them without the knowledge of his family. In episode 8, Jamie and Sydney break up. The brakes in his car are tampered with following his Investigation Into the Blue Templar, causing him to lose control and crash. (1x21)

Season 2 Edit

At the end of episode 19, Some Kind of Hero, Jamie is secretly awarded the Meritorious Police Duty Commendation for Integrity (see below) for saving a baby from a burning building. He is awarded this secretly so that his cover under the Sanfino family isn't compromised. Jamie and Renzulli are pushed down a flight of stairs in a church (2x6). A hit is put out on his undercover alias, forcing Frank to put him under house arrest.

Mpd bronze

Season 3 Edit

Jamie Is assigned a new partner- Vinny Cruz. During a chase which turned out to be a set up, Vinny is shot dead (3x22). After a call about a man in the park with a gun, Jamie and Vinny go to check it out. The man lifts his gun towards Jamie, causing him to shoot and kill him. Jamie does not cope well with his first kill (3x11).

Season 4Edit

A civil suit is brought up against Jamie after he chases a gang member Into the road who Is then struck by a car (4x6).

Jamie's old buddy is in town and asks Eddie out, Eddie makes it a double date with her high school friend and Jamie. Jamie's buddy points out that Jamie is "totally" into her, but Jamie says that she is like a sister. Later that night while walking Eddie home they kiss.(4x19)

Season 5 Edit

Jamie and Eddie's patrol car is attacked and set on fire when Jamie becomes a target after helping out a young woman (5x05).

Trivia Edit

Badge Number: 60528

Jamie is the youngest of the siblings.

His training officer is Sargent Anthony Renzulli.

His favorite foods are BBQ Ribs, Mash Potatoes, Macn'Cheese, Fried Chicken, and hot dogs (2x09)

He claims he can paint (rooms)...He can't. (2x11)

He was the 'Golden Boy' of the family and the only child to graduate Harvard Law, only son and second to become a lawyer. (1x01)

He was closest to his brother Joe and considered him his best friend. (2x22)

Like most men in his family he cheers for New York Sports teams (Jets), fishes, and can play basketball and box. (1x01, 1x03, 3x16, and 5x06)

He and brother Danny have weekly basketball games. (3x16)

He was undercover part time as Jimmy Riordan for a little over 6 months. (2x22)

He can make "a classic linguine with garlic and oil, simple salad, good bread and good wine" in order to impress a girl; as he and his brothers were taught by his father and grandfather (2x05).

He has a cousin that's a Sargent in Central Park, who hooked him up with Shakespeare in the Park tickets. (1x04)

Jamie watches hockey with the rest of the men in his family. (1x07)

Jamie plays chess with Henry (1x10)

Jamie is the academic scholar of the family and has maintained high marks throughout his life. He brought home only one C in Science "the only C [he] ever got" - Frank. (1x10)

Jamie is arguably the favorite of his late mother as he (the third to be married/engaged) was the one given his mother's engagement ring to give to Sydney. (1x10)

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