Template:Episode Infobox"Lost and Found" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


While eating breakfast, Erin and Nicky notice a girl who leaves a note saying 'help me' on the table before disappearing. They call Danny who agrees to look into it after reviewing security footage and using it to get a lead on the girl. When he and Baez go to talk to her parents, her mother claims nothing is wrong but they don't believe her. After arranging a meeting at a restaurant, they finally admit that their daughter has been kidnapped by a member of the Croatian Mob. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie go undercover at a jewelry store to catch thieves who have been hitting stores in the area. Instead they end up in a hostage situation when a distraught man comes to return a ring after being dumped by his fiance. Elsewhere, Frank becomes aware of several cover-ups regarding the department chaplain who has been pulled over for DWI's multiple times.



Guest Starring

  • David Vadim as Vigor Kovacs
  • Maury Ginsberg as Scott Holden
  • Frank Wood as Father Markhum
  • Alison Wright as Brijita Holden
  • Daniel Eric Gold as Grady
  • Connie Ray as Ruth
  • Antoinette LaVecchia as Elaine
  • Robert Sella as Brian
  • Makenna McCoy Barrett as Lottie Holden
  • Tabitha Holbert as TARU Tech


  • George Katt as Officer Horvat
  • Kresh Novakovic as Plainclothes #2
  • Eric Santiago as Karate Instructor
  • Brian Patrick Faherty as Ronald
  • Kevin Coubal as Uniformed Officer



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