Maria Baez
Name: Maria Baez
Nickname: Baez
Title: Detective
Profession: New York Police Detective
Partner(s): Danny Reagan (current)
Status: Alive
Marital Status: Single
Sibling(s): Javier Baez (deceased) and one sister
Played by: Marisa Ramirez
First appearance: Protest Too Much

Maria Baez is a New York city police detective and partner of Danny Reagan. Prior to working with him she spent time on a joint robbery task force working with the FBI. She also knew Danny in school.



Maria was born and raised in New York. She has a brother, Javier, who she was estranged from for many years due to his drug use, and a sister. When she was young she witnesses a local boy being murdered but was too afraid to say anything at the time. Later she was able to use her status as a detective to prosecute the man responsible.


Since having a relationship with a married fellow detective, Maria hasn't had any good relationships. She has dated and was frequently texting a detective in narcotics but is currently not in a long-term relationship. For a moment she thought that she and her former flame, Det. Mosley, only to discover that he was seeing another officer at the same time.


Currently with Major Case, she previously worked on a joint task force with the FBI investigating bank robberies. After the task force was disbanded she was assigned to Danny and the two have formed a solid partnership. She is a competent detective and does her best to keep Danny in line as much as she goes along with his schemes.