Detective 1st Grade Abigail Baker is a member of the Police Commissioner’s (Detective) Squad who serves as Frank’s primary aide.

In “Manhattan Queens”, Baker was harassed by Suffolk County Police Department Deputy Chief Sal DeLuca, who had a romantic interest in her. In the same episode it is revealed that she is from Ocean Bay Park and her parents still live there.

Awards and decorations

The following are the medals and service awards fictionally worn by Detective Baker on her dress uniform.

  • American Flag Breast Bar
  • World Trade Center Breast Bar
  • NYPD Medal for Valor
  • NYPD Meritorious Police Duty
  • NYPD Excellent Police Duty


  • She has stated that she is not Catholic though she does not state what, if any, faith she does hold. (2.13)
  • She has at least one child, as she was pregnant in 2.22, fittingly, "Mother's Day".
  • She's seen speaking fluent Japanese to some visiting dignitaries in "Moonlighting". (2.09)

Melissa or Abigail?

  • In Season 1, at the end, credits have her credited as Det. Melissa Baker (Abigail Hawk)
  • In episode 2.8 - "Thanksgiving",  Mayor Poole says "Thank you, Abigail." when she hold the Commissioner's office door open for him. Which may mean a canon name change or since the actress' name is Abigail, a mistake that was not caught in editing.
  • However in 3.19 - "Loss of Faith", Frank Reagan says "Goodnight, Abigail." And in 4.14 - "Manhattan Queens", he again refers to her as "Detective Abigial Baker." multiple times, it is a Baker heavy episiode.
  • In no episode has the Detective been called Melissa, so while it may have been the writer's intention use the name Melissa in Season One, canon is now Detective Abigail Baker.