"My Funny Valentine" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Blue Bloods. 


When a teenager is kidnapped, Danny Reagan and Jackie Curatola suspect her older boyfriend with a criminal past is involved. Erin Reagan's relationship with her boss takes an unexpected turn when her daughter sets them up on a dinner date for Valentine's Day.

Plot Edit

A young girl is abducted off the street on Valentine's Day, but as Danny and Jackie investigate, the case takes two unexpected turns. The girl arranged her kidnapping with her boyfriend's help, hoping to bring her divorced parents back together; furthermore, the man hired to help them carry out the "kidnapping" kills the boyfriend and demands a million-dollar ransom for the girl. Danny and Jackie manage to rescue her, and her family is reunited.

Meanwhile, Nicky hopes to surprise Erin by arranging a date with her boss. Erin's reservations, however, prevent the date from happening. In the end, the single members of the Reagan family (Jamie, Erin, Nicky, and Henry) gather at the intended restaurant for Valentine's Day, with Henry jokingly saying, "Better luck next year."

Cast Edit


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