Nicky Reagan
Name: Nicole Reagan-Boyle
Nickname: Nicky
Birthdate: October 1996
Age: 21
Title: Student
Status: Alive
Parents: Erin Reagan (mother)
Jack Boyle (father)
Marital Status: Single
Grandparents: Frank Reagan (maternal grandfather)
Mary Reagan (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Great-Grandparents: Henry Reagan (maternal great-grandfather)
Betty Reagan (maternal great-grandmother, deceased)
Cousins: Jack Reagan (cousin via Danny)
Sean Reagan (cousin via Danny)
Other Relatives: Joe Reagan (uncle, deceased)
Danny Reagan (uncle)
Jamie Reagan (uncle)
Played by: Marlene Lawston (pilot)
Sami Gayle (ep.2-present)
First appearance: Pilot
Appearance Count: 160

Nicole "Nicky" Reagan-Boyle is the only child of Erin Reagan and Jack Boyle. Nicky is a generally well-behaved and intelligent girl who dresses and typically behaves with more maturity than her classmates. She is being raised by her mother Erin because her father did not want to share custody.

As of season 6, Nicky is attending Columbia University, her mother's alma mater.


The oldest of the Reagan grandchildren, like her mother she is the only female grandchild. Overall, Nicky is a well behaved young woman, although there have been times where following her heart has led to her clashing with authority. While she resented being treated like a child longer than many of her classmates she also showed understanding that, as a Reagan, expectations of her were different.

Typical of the Reagan family, she attended Catholic schools, most notably Blessed Heart Academy for High School. She had considered college out of state heavily until she began to consider the cost and distance. Eventually she decided on Columbia, in part due to a friend having an apartment just off campus that she could share to save money.

In her early teens, Nicky announced that she wanted to be the first female Reagan cop. As time has gone on, and she has seen more, she has come to realize she may not be cut out for a life in law enforcement. She classifies herself as the bleeding-heart hippie of the family.


  • Turn 16 years old in Old Wounds (2012) which makes year of birth 1996.
  • Has a close relationship to her grandfather Frank Reagan, who is said to be more of a father to her than her own dad.

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