Nicky Reagan-Boyle
Name: Nicole "Nicky" Reagan-Boyle
Age: 20
Status: Alive
Parents: Erin Reagan (mother)
Jack Boyle (father)
Grandparents: Frank Reagan (grandfather)
Mary Reagan (grandmother, deceased)
Great-Grandparents: Henry Reagan (great-grandfather)
Cousins: Jack Reagan (cousin)
Sean Reagan (cousin)
Other Relatives: Joe Reagan (uncle, deceased)
Danny Reagan (uncle)
Jamie Reagan (uncle)
Played by: Marlene Lawston (pilot)
Sami Gayle (ep.2-present)
First appearance: Pilot (1x01)
Latest appearance: N/A

Nicole "Nicky" Reagan-Boyle is the only child of Erin Reagan and Jack Boyle. Nicky has said that she wants to become the first female Reagan cop. Nicky is well-behaved and intelligent girl who dresses and behaves like a thirty-some odd year old. She is being raised by her mother Erin.

As of season 6, Nicky is attending Columbia University, her mother's alma mater.


  • Turn 16 years old in Old Wounds (2012) which makes year of birth 1996.
  • Has a close relationship to her grandfather Frank Reagan, who is said to be more of a father to her than her own dad.
  • She is the perfect daughter. She also wants to join the family business as the first female police officer in the Reagan family. Right after she finish college.
  • She is kidnapped by a serial killer in Season Six, episode 20 "Down the Rabbit Hole," the same episode where it's shown she's dating a NYC cop.

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