"Partners" is the first episode of the fifth season of Blue Bloods


While Danny and Baez are escorting an undercover DEA transport containing millions in confiscated drugs, they are ambushed by armed gunmen who kill the driver and steal the van. The possibility of a DEA mole surfaces and Danny takes it especially hard since Baez was injured and he had volunteered them for the job. Things become even more tense when they discover that Maria's brother, Javi is involved. Meanwhile, Jamie must decide whether to pursue Eddie romantically or keep her as a partner, especially when Sgt. Renzulli calls him out of being extra overprotective of her. After a highly decorated Lieutenant's actions cause the death of a mentally unbalanced man in Times Square, Frank must try to balance his public response especially in the face of strong opinions.



Guest Starring

  • Kirk Acevedo as Javi Baez
  • Charles Borland as Lt. James McCarthy
  • Daniel Sauli as Siblano
  • Michael Buscemi as Owen Stapleton
  • Noah Fleiss as Paul
  • Ricki Lander as Sophia


  • Tayna Perez as Agent Martinez
  • Cara Grace O'Connor as Little Girl
  • Logan Crawford as Reporter #1
  • Christian Steiner as Reporter #2
  • Gameela Wright as Reporter #3



Facts and Trivia

  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.