"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of Blue Bloods. In this episode, Jamie Reagan graduates from the Police Academy and joins NYPD the same day a nine-year-old Latina girl is abducted walking home from school. 


The Reagan family is introduced on the day that Jamie graduates the Police Academy, having left a potential career as a lawyer to follow the family tradition. Meanwhile, Danny and Demarcus King are given the case of a missing girl who has less than 24 hours left to live. Due to the girl's Latino heritage, the press questions Frank on the police response and the Latino community's level trust in them. When Danny's interrogation of a suspect goes overboard in order to save the girl, he faces the backlash most strongly from his sister, ADA Erin Reagan-Boyle. He's left with 48 hours to make a case with new evidence or the kidnapper walks. 



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Guest Starring


  • Marlene Lawston as Nicky Reagan-Boyle
  • Tony Terraciano as Jack Reagan
  • Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan
  • Alexandria Suarez as Teresa
  • Sol Miranda as Mrs. Campos
  • James Nuciforo as Jim
  • Paula Boudreau as Mrs. Banse
  • Richard Waugh as Donald Banse
  • Martino Caputo as Sgt. Mannato
  • Kim Roberts as Judge Waters
  • Duane Murray as P.D. Adelman
  • Steve Arbuckle as Oliver Peele
  • Robert G. McKay as Dave
  • Ginger Busch as Whitney
  • Gianpaolo Venuta as Jared
  • Rey Lucas as Dia Noticias Reporter


Facts and Trivia

  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.