"Protest Too Much" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Blue Bloods


Danny and his new partner, Maria Baez, investigate when an off-duty cop gets involved in a bank robbery by a young "Bonnie and Clyde" duo, in which the officer's gun is taken. Due to the federal status of banks, they are forced to work with the FBI while trying to catch the robbers and get back the stolen weapon before it can be used again. Meanwhile, Frank meets with a representative from the ACLU, Whitney Robshaw, who turns out to be a friend of Erin's. Their attempts to forge a working relationship between their organizations leads to drinks at a nice restaurant. At the same time, Erin's efforts to prepare a witness for trial are hindered when a protester photographs them, scaring the witness. When she later sees some of the photos online she also discovers that Frank and Whitney went out, a point which she is uncomfortable with, due to their age difference.




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