"Re-Do" is the ninth episode of the first season of Blue Bloods. In this episode, when evidence of poor lab work releases a convicted rapist and killer from prison the Reagans' have to work together to find the evidence needed to put him back where he belongs before one of their own is his next victim.


After a lab tech's shoddy work releases killer and rapist Richard Reed from prison, and Erin is concerned she won't be able to put him back behind bars if his last victim is unwilling to testify. Danny and Jackie's attempts to help Erin are complicated by a Richard Reed fan club. Meanwhile, Sgt. Renzulli and Jamie deal with a woman whose violent ex was also released and is now hanging around her building. The Mayor is concerned over his political standing due to this fiasco and Frank has to try to figure out where the funds that were supposed to go to the Medical Examiner's Office really went. 



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  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.