Season Five of Blue Bloods premiered on September 26, 2014 and consists of 22 episodes.


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  • Both Carlson (Linda) and Gayle (Nicky) have been upgrade to opening credits between Cariou and Selleck.

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  • Blue Bloods 100th Episode: A Celebration (Disc 3)
  • The Story of the Reagans: Season 5
  • Inside The Commissioner's Office
  • Commissioner's Office Set Tour with Gregory Jbara
  • Blue Bloods Stunts
  • Inside The Blue Bloods Cookbook with Bridget Moynahan
  • Cast Appearance on The Talk
  • Gag Reel


# Image Title Airdate
01 BlueBloods501 Partners September 26, 2014
Danny goes after the drug cartel responsible for Baez's injury. Frank is put in a difficult position when a top Lieutenant's behavior is questioned.
02 BB 05x02 Forgive and Forget October 3, 2014
Jamie puts himself on the line for a fellow officer who's being ostracized. Danny and Erin butt heads when an old case takes a new turn.
03 BB 05x03 Burning Bridges October 10, 2014
Danny and Baez are temporarily assigned new partners when a Detective is outed and his current partner won't ride with him.
04 BB 05x04 Excessive Force October 17, 2014
When Danny is accused of police brutality, Frank must choose sides. Jamie's connection to an attractive doctor triggers Eddie's jealousy.
05 BB 05x05 Loose Lips October 24, 2014
An abusive boyfriend targets Jamie for intervening in a domestic battle. After Henry's insensitive comments are leaked, Frank must manage the scandal.
06 BB 05x06 Most Wanted October 31, 2014
Frank and Danny look for evidence to put an international criminal behind bars. Erin considers private practice to pay for Nicky's college.
07 BB 05x7 Shoot the Messenger November 7, 2014
Frank is taken by surprise during an on-air interview with Erin's boss. Danny and his new boss clash as they investigate a drive-by shooting.
08 BB 05x08 Power of the Press November 21, 2014
When a cop's body camera malfunctions during a civilian scuffle, Frank must handle the backlash. Erin investigates a friends' daughter's alleged rape.
09 BB 05x09 Under the Gun December 12, 2014
Danny and Baez investigate when three community leaders are killed in apparent hate crimes, while a concerned group puts pressure on Frank.
10 BB 05x10 Sins of the Father January 2, 2015
Frank wants to put away a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry's colleagues years earlier. Danny and Baez probe the murders of adult film stars.
11 BB 05x11 Baggage January 9, 2015
While investigating a bank robbery, Danny struggles with the right thing to do when he learns the heist was committed to fund a noble cause.
12 BB 05x12 Home Sweet Home January 16, 2015
A homeless teen claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Erin is unhappy to be replaced as prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer.
13 BB 05x13 Love Stories January 30, 2015
Danny and Baez investigate when a homeowner shoots an intruder. Meanwhile, a young attorney seeks justice for his imprisoned mother.
14 BB 05x14 The Poor Door February 6, 2015
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a low-income resident in a luxury building. Frank butts heads with one of Gormley's detective friends.
15 BB 05x15 Power Players February 13, 2015
A mob informant comes out of hiding to testify at Erin's case. Frank and the Mayor face off over police benefits.
16 BB 05x16 In The Box February 20, 2015
Baez is held hostage by a father fighting a restraining order, and Danny must decide whether to meet his demands. Garrett asks Frank for help.
17 BB 05x17 Occupational Hazards March 6, 2015
Erin is shaken after an assailant breaks into her apartment and later assaults her colleague. Frank investigates a charity that's raising money with the NYPD logo.
18 BB 05x18 Bad Company March 13, 2015
To take down a kidnapping ring that is luring young women through fake youth hostel websites, Eddie goes undercover for the first time.
19 BB 05x19 Through the Looking Glass April 3, 2015
A reporter refuses to reveal the identity of a source who confesses to murder. Danny mentors a troubled teenager in an NYPD youth program.
20 BB 05x20 Payback April 10, 2015
When a TV chef is murdered, Danny and Baez think the confessed killer may be hiding something. Frank's senator friend wants him to fix a DUI charge for a girlfriend.
21 BB 05x21 New Rules April 24, 2015
When the NYPD's Deputy Chief and his wife are murdered, Frank suspects a gang hit and sends Danny and Baez into gang territory.
22 BB 05x22 The Art of War May 1, 2015
Danny tries to track the gang member responsible for a close-to-home shooting and must convince witnesses to testify.
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