Season Four of Blue Bloods premiered on September 27, 2013.


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# Image Title Airdate
01 Unwritten Rules September 27, 2013
When a robber flees after a jewelry store heist, Jamie and new partner Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) arrive on the scene just in time to hear a gunshot that takes out another officer. The suspect escapes through a nearby park. Danny and Maria are assigned the case, and Danny is certain that a man named Angelo (Malcolm Goodwin) who was witnessed at both the jewelry store and in the park, is the shooter. When an elderly eyewitness struggles to identify Angelo in a photo lineup, Danny “helps” her, and she later picks him out of a live lineup. Erin is certain that the woman’s testimony won’t survive cross-examination in court, and is forced to let Angelo go. This gets her in hot water with her family, her boss and most of the NYPD officers. Several officers create a “blue flu” situation by refusing to appear at other court cases involving Erin’s office, forcing Frank to order an end to the blue flu. In the end, Erin and Danny team up to stage a situation wherein Angelo can confess and get a deal for only seven years in prison. They then trick him into declining the deal (with Angelo unaware that his confession is still binding), and they book him for Murder One.
02 The City That Never Sleeps October 4, 2013
03 To Protect and Serve October 11, 2013
04 The Truth About Lying October 18, 2013
05 Lost and Found October 25, 2013
06 Growing Boys November 1, 2013
07 Drawing Dead November 8, 2013
08 Justice Served November 15, 2013
09 Bad Blood November 22, 2013
10 Mistaken Identity December 13, 2013
11 Ties That Bind December 20, 2013
12 The Bogeyman January 10, 2014
13 Unfinished Business January 10, 2014
14 Manhattan Queens January 10, 2014
15 Open Secrets February 28, 2014
16 Insult to Injury March 7, 2014
17 Knockout Game March 14, 2014
18 Righting Wrongs April 4, 2014
19 Secret Arrangements April 11, 2014
20 Custody Battle April 25, 2014
21 Above and Beyond May 2, 2014
22 Exiles May 9, 2014

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