"The Bitter End" is the twenty second episode of the third season of Blue Bloods.


In response to a call about a woman and baby in distress, Vinny and Jamie enter the Bitterman Housing Projects where Vinny grew up. Known to the locals as “The Bitter End”, they attempt to stop a young woman from committing suicide with her infant to get out of the gang but are unsuccessful. When Danny and Baez investigate, Danny quickly discovers that he had prior contact with her after her parents were killed and feels responsible when he re-watches the interview in which he promised to protect the young woman and her sister. As they work the case, the local gang leader, Santana continues to terrorize the Bitterman Projects and declares war on the NYPD. Meanwhile, Frank and Erin butt heads over the District Attorney’s unofficial policy to drop cases involving Bitterman residents when witnesses are too scared to testify.




Facts and Trivia

  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.