"The Truth About Lying" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


Frank must come to terms with the newly appointed NYPD Inspector General Kelly Peterson whose job is to assess the policies and procedures of the Department. She immediately becomes involved when Eddie and Jamie chase down a suspect but afterwards Eddie's report on the incident doesn't match up with security footage in the area. Despite the video proving her account wrong, Eddie sticks to her story which causes a bit of friction when Jamie is unable to back her up as he didn't see what happened. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez find themselves on the case of a homeless man who appears to have pushed a young woman in front of a subway car. As they investigate, the evidence starts to suggest that the case is a lot more complex than they realized.



Guest Starring

  • C.S. Lee as Mr. Lin
  • Ki Hong Lee as David Lin
  • E.J. Carroll as Bernard Goodwin
  • Morgan Turner as Stacey Clarke
  • Marsha Dietlein as Mrs. Clarke
  • Mariko Takai as Mrs. Lin
  • Jose Soto as Luis
  • Bebe Neuwirth as Kelly Peterson


  • Emily Nicole Hansen as Skinny Blonde
  • Kate Levy as Jeane Richards
  • Christina Choe as Amy Lin
  • Drew Hirshfield as CCS Detective
  • Eric Bryant as Jr. ADA Judd
  • Glenn Turner as Homeless Guy
  • Tom Bateman as Morgue Clerk
  • Matthew Rocheleau as Reporter



Facts and Trivia

  • The DVD contains a deleted scene for this episode.