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"This Way Out" is the twenty third episode of the third season of Blue Bloods.


A continuation of The Bitter End. Mayor Poole and Frank hold a town hall meeting after Vinny’s murder in an attempt to find some sort of peace. In the midst of the crowd’s criticism, Mayor Poole rises to speak and is shot by Hector, the mentally disabled young man that Vinny used to babysit. Jamie recognizes the young man from their previous encounter and tries to speak with his relatives but is not welcome. On his way out, Hector’s father discreetly gives him some tips and Jamie asks his father for the chance to be the one to interview Hector. Meanwhile, Danny tries to convince Santana’s girlfriend to testify against him, but she is bitter over his failure to protect her and her now deceased sister.




Facts and Trivia

  • At the end of this episode the Reagan family plans a trip to Long Island, the pictures from which Linda uses later to expedite a permit.