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    So yesterday, I decided (less then a hour after bitching about all the reasons Wiki sites, mostly updating said sites, makes me want to hurt something) to see if there was a Wikia for Blue Bloods, because there's next to nothing on IMDB, Wikipedia or the official CBS section on the network's site. There wasn't one listed on the (insanely well not linked from anywhere) directory, so I tried to create one. First try, "bluebloods(.wikia...)" was taken for a same-titled vampire series; second ["bluebloodstv(.wikia...)"] was taken as well, so I checked it out. And I found out that there was one! So of course I decided to spend all yesterday working on here.

    • 2 category pages, + 4 sub-categories (; characters [c:city hall, c:da office, & c:nypd] and e…
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