It is not until now that I personally have pondered the fate of the Reagan men and woman. 

There is no doubt that Jamie and Nikki will the the future of the family, like with Rose-a-Shar'n in 'The Grapes of Wrath'. They will both lead the family into the future and into a changing world.

Nikki and Jamie will bring Danny's children with them, neither of whom will become cops.

Danny's immature temper tantrums and anger management problems will spell his demise well before retirement. A blessing, since a typical retirement would drive him crazy, doing nothing.

Wonderful Linda will live to a ripe old age, cared for by the children and Nikki and Jamie. She will get to spend more time with her many girlfriends and will be a solice to all those around her.

All that scotch and sirloin will eventually do Frank in.

The grandfather will die a painless death in the arms of a bejeweled Archbishop.

Erin will never remarry, but will become the next District Attorney for Southern New York. 

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